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What are instant locs?


Instant locs are locs created using back combing (teasing) and crocheting. This method of hair locking is normally used to loc straight or longer curl patterns. It is also used to speed up the initial locking process or "skip the ugly phase" as some would say.

Pros and Cons

Pro- besides the obvious, there are situations where a client may be transitioning and still have relaxed hair. Depending on how much and the health of the relaxed hair, instant locs may be installed without cutting the relaxed ins. Another pro to instant locs is the versatility they allow. Since the locking process is done manually, there's the option to loc all the way to the ends or to keep the ends loose to establish curly locs or "goddess locs".

Cons- There is a concern that locs will be substantially shorter than the length of the hair before back combing and crocheting. On average there is a loss of about 2-3 inches depending on the size of the locs and curl pattern of the clients hair.

**To have an Idea of how short locs (for shorter/tighter curl patterns) will be, look at that length of the hair in its natural state not blown out or stretched. If hair is straight, it is usually 2-3 inches shorter, although this can vary from Loctician to Loctician.

Another con, is stiffness. Instant locs can appear stiff right after install, however this will soften over time.

A pro and con is the "Journey". For some, the journey through the locking phases is important and worth the experience. Instant locs starts at about the 3-6 month mark skipping the initial locking phases. For some, that part is not necessary or their lifestyle won't allow them to experience the journey positively.

When deciding if instant locs are for you, it is important to determine curl pattern, the desired loc appearance, and lifestyle.

** Pro tip from a Loctician to a client- There is a major price difference in traditional starter locs and instant locs. Instant locs are substantially more expensive. Make sure you obtain expert advice on how fast your hair texture will loc. Instant locs could be a waist of money if your hair texture will be loc'd fairly quickly, with minimal frizz.

Consultations are a must!

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