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The Introduction!

"Hi YouTube! This is my very first video! I am so excited! This was a big step for me and I DID IT! There will be more videos following my Loc Journey, my journey to being vegan, as well as some DIY projects! I'm open to learning new things, taking suggestions and answering questions. So hit the subscribe button and let’s see where this goes!!! "


Making the decision to loc my hair was the start of a new journey that I was eager to begin. I was in a place in my life were change was necessary for me to discover who I was and my purpose, as mentioned my previous blog. Now I had done enough research to learn that Locs can be simply a hair style or they can be much more. I knew they would be more for me, but I was not aware to what extent.

I had just turned 30, and was over living my life to please other; being concerned with what others thought of me. I was so ready to move in my own life the way I saw fit. I knew this meant completely accepting who I am.

Sources say, documenting your loc journey gives you something to look back at see your growth. Boy when I tell you, that is no lie! Watching my very first YouTube video brings tears to my eyes. I can remember the nervous feeling in my stomach, the hunger I had for growth, and the insecurities living deep within that I was trying so hard to overcome. Don't get me wrong, I am human, and I do still have insecurities. However, through growth, self acceptance and self love, I am now able to manage them.,

While watching other YouTube channels that focused on locs, and watching documented loc journey's I was inspired by their growth, and wanted to experience my own. I had no idea, I would be an inspiration to someone else, but I was, I am. I have been told time and time again, that because I am able to accept my frizzy unruly hair in the "ugly stage", it makes it easier for them to.

I used to look at others for inspiration and now I'm an inspiration?

Today I am still connected to a lot of my subscribers, and have even gotten a chance to bless their locs. My clients are also able to check out my videos for inspiration. This journey has been nothing shy of amazing and I can't wait to see what's next. Click the link below, get caught up, and subscribe so you don't miss the next upload! I have so much more in store, this is simply "The Introduction".

My First YouTube Video

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