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My Journey

My name is Jennifer Takesha (Jen), I am a self-taught Loctician and licensed Hair Braider. I specialize in traditional locs and loc extensions.

About 4 years ago I made the decision that something had to change, I was not happy on the inside. I also felt this was coming from not being happy with my outside. I know that may sound a little backwards but it worked out for me. Here’s how!

At that time I was very vain but couldn’t see my own beauty. If I did not have relaxed hair or weave, I was not comfortable with my appearance. I didn’t know this at the time, I honestly was just looking through the goggles that were placed on my face years ago without my knowledge (caused by systematic oppression and European beauty standards). After both sister in laws hacked off all their hair, I started to think.

MESSAGE: Women have the power to inspire each other, if even on accident.

My first initial thought was, what the heck is wrong with them? One of them was blonde at the time, I even called her head a “dirty tennis ball”. Yes, I was a hater, lol; she had a chance to get me back for that. In a conversation about wearing weave and relaxed hair and how it covers up the natural beauty of kinky hair textures, she made a comment to me that went something like this: “I don’t wear any of that stuff because I’m beautiful enough not to”. In that moment the insecurity that was living deep within me, showed his ugly face! “Operation find my beauty” was in live effect.

I begin to think to myself, “why is she beautiful enough not to cover her natural kinky hair, but I am not?” My answer was simple, “because you don’t believe you are”. It was no overnight switch though, it was a process. From no more weave, to shortcuts and relaxers, to protective styling I did it all. After eventually cutting all the relaxer off, “Big Chop”, I had to learn how to manage my hair.

Having a relaxer since age 5, I had no idea what my natural hair would looked like, so there sure was no way for me to know how to care for it. I watched tons of YouTube videos, read tons of blogs, and bought tons of products. After I was no longer in the TWA (teeny weeny afro) stage, I was burnt out! So braids and faux locs became my go to.

As a teenager I was always intrigued by Locs (or Dreadlocs), but my mother was not having it! Back then Locs were associated with rebelling, unclean and not for women if you were not Rasta, at least that’s what my mother and grandmother thought.

I posted a picture of myself with faux locs one day and one of my really good friends with locs said “I’ll be glad when you commit to locs!” MESSAGE! Once again the words of another woman inspired me to move to the next level in my journey.


Photo credit: @tripler_r_

I loc’d my hair in May of 2015 and have not turned back. Most of my knowledge is obtained by research and my own natural hair & loc journey experience. Through finding myself and my passion, I was able to create my path in the natural hair care field. It would be my honor to start your loc journey, help maintain your locs, provide a protective style for your crown or even simply give you tips to maintain your locs at home. This blog will be about all things loc related. From the locing process to loc maintenance, I will discuss it all. Subscribe so that you don’t miss the next one, and feel free to request a topic. You can submit your request by email. Welcome to JenuineLocs, where you will find loc related topics cultivated through genuine passion.

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Hi - love your story. I stumbled upon your site through FB comments of someone else looking for a loctician. I currently have locs and my journey began in 2015 also. My current loctician is unavailable, indefinitely, which has led to my search for a friendly, qualified loctician to maintain my hair.

To say I'm nervous about this process is an understatement; however,it must be done. So, after reading through comments of various locticians I've been led to you. It is my hope this journey will be a good match for both of us.

Regards ~ Marthea Baskerville

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